A Brief Introduction to Sanmenxia Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park
Watching Swans Frolicking in Winter Water, Enjoying Peonies Blooming in Spring Elegance
Located as an ecological zone between the east and the west city propers of Sanmenxia, starting with the Jianhe River Bridge on State Highway 209 in the east, reaching the intersection of the Shanzhou Avenue and the Sightseeing Road along the Yellow River bank in the west, connecting with the Shanzhou Avenue in the south and getting access to the Yellow River mudflat in the north, the Sanmenxia Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park covers a planned area of 8850 mu (or 590 hectares), of which 6150 mu (or 410 hectares) is land and 2700mu (or 180 hectares) are water surface and mudflat. The core scenic spot comprises the Double-dragon Lake Swan-viewing Area, the Shanzhou Park and the Eco-forest Belt along the Yellow River bank. With the ecological environment significantly changed in the Sanmenxia Yellow River Reservoir, tens of thousands of swans will fly over to this ideal habitat for the winter each year. A beautiful picture of man living in harmony with nature, featuring an integration of the beautiful white swans, the rippling blue waves of the Yellow River and the lofty and profound Loess Plateau, thus comes into being, leaving Sanmenxia known as Swan City and awarded as China Swan Cradle by the related state departments. 
To provide an ideal habitat for swans, Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee and Government started the construction of the Swan Lake Scenic Spot in 2001. Since it was officially named as Sanmenxia Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park by the State Ministry of Construction in February 2007, great importance has been attached to the construction of the scenic spot by Sanmenxia Municipal Party committee and Government, it has been listed as a project hailed by citizens, one of the Top Ten Events committed to the whole city, for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010, and continuous investment has been increased to the construction work. Now a scenic spot of natural landscape has come into being, which features swan resources, highlights Islet Guoshan, dominates the Yellow River, the Green Dragon Lake and the Black Dragon Lake, and bases its cultural background on the legends of Lord Zhao and Lord Heshang. Sanmenxia Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park has become an elaborately-created city card for Sanmenxia city globally. 
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